Thursday, May 5, 2011

With 100 Drobos

With 100 Drobos I would create my own small hosting company for file storage.  This would of course be after I built a gigabit ethernet LAN to support them, and worked with Verizon FiOS to up my speed to their new secret 100-150Mbps up/down speeds.  All this would be needed to allow the Drobos to properly breathe.  Would also build more than a hand full of powerful servers (always wanted to do that) to run things on the network.  I know the Drobos are smart but you have to have management with such a large team of experts.  Oh and let's not for get the cooling, perhaps a third AC unit would be in order!  Who knows I might even name them all and give them faces.  You never know with me.

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