Wednesday, May 18, 2011


After all the dust settled a bit from the storm of rough news, things have started to work themselves out a bit.  My friend with the brain hemorrhage is awake.  Which is great news!  I hope to visit him tomorrow.

My dad has chosen a path and found a great doctor/surgeon that he is very pleased with, so all is going as according to plan as possible.

I'm just sort of in survival mode really.  Just taking it piece by piece and day by day.  Waiting to see what comes next.  Hoping that there are no surprised along the way.  I hope that all 8 of you are doing well and are sleeping better than I am tonight.  Heh.  Fear not I'm sure sleep will find me at some point and I'm off so, no work to worry about.  Hopefully I'll get enough sleep to allow me to get some stuff done around the house tomorrow.  We'll see what happens.

Good night!  Well I'm just off to try and pass the time for now...

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