Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why does technology hate me?

I'm not exactly sure why, what, when, or how but somewhere along the way I have severely upset the Gods of technology.  They hate me or at the very least they LOVE to mess with me, and mess with me they do.

I get up early this morning (can't sleep) only to find that my media server doesn't like it's video driver any more.  Nothing has changed that I can tell, excepting maybe a windows update.  So I follow the normal steps to update the driver, in fact I even went through the link provided by the 'Control Center' for the current driver.  Easy right?  For 99.99999% of the population but this is me we're talking about here.  This starts what has now been an hour long journey with no less than 5 reboots and now I'm left with a screen that simply says "Invalid Partition Table".

Only someone who knows nothing going mess a computer up so badly you must be thinking to yourself.  Well some how then I have managed to fool all of my employers for the last 10+ years because I'm in the IT industry.  Granted I might not be working on the finer points of the operating systems but I still know my way around a computer.

Or do I?  *sigh*  So here I sit.  Typing away on the 1 computer that seems to be immune to me, my wonderful Mac.  Say what you will about the price tag.  But for me the simple fact that it continues to work while all around it crumble under the Mat Wohlscheid golden touch, speaks volumes about it.

If you need me I'll be formatting and reinstalling the OS on my media server for the 4th time since I got the machine.  When was that?  Oh the first week in January...oh this year.