Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time for an update:

New house is coming along:

This is it from the front as of 10/10/10
And this is it from the back as of 10/10/10

I'm sure we have a roof now.  It's funny how the structure looks smaller than it really is, but we were expecting this because the same thing happened with our other house in NC.  We're starting to get excited and I hope that we are in there before the end of the year, really before x-mas.

The DJing thing is not coming along as fast I want it to but I'm blaming the lack of an ideal setup right now. I'm in the basement of my parents right now sitting on a little table with my theater receiver and two speakers setup.  While it functions just fine, it's not that conducive to getting down there and actually practicing.  I hope once we get in the new place I'll be able to have a better place and set up.  

The job is going nicely, I'm really getting up to speed.  Had my 100 day review and, surprise, they have keeping me on!  Woohoo!  They like me, they really like me.  Finally got the clearance to work OT!  Nice 12 hour shifts at time and half.  Can't wait for my first holiday OT (double time and half) 12 hour shift!  That's 30 hours of pay in one half day of work for those of you digging for your calculator or phone app.

Upcoming projects (maybe):
  1. Thinking about building a DVR/PVR to get us away from the monthly payments to Tivo.  Would also get us a LOT more storage!  Just not sure how it all works with the upper level HD channels.  Still doing the research. 
  2. Going to build a media server for the movies and music in the growing collection.  Going to get a switch and interconnect the PS3, router, server and (Tivo or homemade DVR).  This will allow me to stream to the PS3 for the home theater setup; to the laptops for mobile viewing around the house.  Might also serve to allow the DVR to use it as storage.
  3. Get better at DJing so that I can justify getting this: