Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yeah know?!

I recently noticed two things that I thought I would take this time to share with you.

(warning: these are in no way ground breaking, breathe taking or intelligent!)

The first one has become a personal pet peeve: Adding "take a" in front of words that are already a verb by themselves.  For example: 'take a nap' (now I'll admit that one isn't that bad), 'take a shower', 'take a piss', etc.

Biggest offender in my life right now of this verbal assault of the language:  Damn it I can't seem to stop saying it.  "I'm going to take a nap."  NO, no you're not.  You don't actually 'take' anything.  You are going to nap.  *sigh*

So I stay vigilant.  Always correcting myself.

Now I know that I had another thing to write about but I can't remember it now..........oh well must not have been important.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A set back.

I had been pretty good about working out and eating right for a little while but then life happened and I while I've been holding most of the weight off (not all of it), I haven't been working out.  Traveling out of state a couple times a week can do that to you and I'm not done yet.  It's just rough trying to balance it all, finding a job, getting a job, moving, packing and traveling.

This morning though I decided I needed to step up the game a little.  I have invested a small amount of money, less than $9 to sign up for the DailyBurn website.  While they have a free account it is, of course, severely disabled.  They also have two apps available.  One that is just a companion for the website and another that is a food scanner for easy entry.  I figure will all of this at my finger tips I should be better equipped to stick with my work out routine.

Although starting a new job might cause some temporary upset, but one of the guys I'm going to be working with is into fitness.  Not sure what his workout schedule is like, but it might be worth asking him.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't know about you but...

When I feel high amounts of pressure to make a choice about something I deem to be important, I get flustered and stop listening to rational sense.  I make the most impetuous decisions on the face of the planet.

Yesterday was one of those days.  I was faced with a dilemma on a very important topic and I crumbled under the pressure when left to my own devices.  Fortunately everything turned out fine in the end, but if I weren't lucky it could have been catastrophic.

Am I the only one this happens to, I certainly hope not but at the same time I don't wish this upon anyone.  It just leaves me frustrated, angry and exhausted.  *sigh* Oh well, just another day.  No one died.  Move on.

Oh yeah, I have a job again.  I start next Wednesday.  Leaving my poor wife to fend for herself with the last of the packing unless we can get it all done while I'm still here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The picture at the top of the page:

I don't know if we've ever discussed it...  wait we can't discuss anything, this is a blog.  DUH!  Allow me to start over; I don't know if I've ever written about it before but the picture at the top of the blog is me.  This shouldn't be a surprise, but I figured that some of you might not have put any thought into it.

That was my first and only sport bike.  A 2003 Yamaha R1.  Some fun stats: top speed that I got her up to (yeah she's female) 162mph.  I once chased down an 2005 Corvette.  Over took them doing 105 in a 35mph zone.  Biggest mistake I ever made with her: selling her in 2006.

I basically learned how to ride a motorcycle on that bike.  I'm living proof that it's possible to learn on a 1000cc motorcycle.  Now back to the picture: that was taken during a track day at summit point, WV.  Track days were and are the single awesome-ous thing you can do with a sport bike!  I have never been and will never be again so focus on one thing.  Every other thought in your mind falls away as you completely concentrate on what you're doing at that exact second on the track.  All this and you can hit 140mph legally!!

After that bike I got a BMW which was a great bike but was a little too big and cumbersome for me to deal with after having the R1.  So after 2 years I sold the BMW and now I have nothing.  I think I'm going to get something again though, it's just a matter of re-taking the test.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well if you bored then your boring?

I don't think that's true.  It can't be, I'm bored right now and it's because I'm up at a retarded hour and can't do a lot around the house.  So I think that statement is total crap.  Why am I up?  Good question!  Might be because I have two job offers and a tough decision ahead of me.  I know you're tired of hearing about so let me say how thankful I am that I'm in this position.  There are a lot of people out there right now who would kill to be in this position so I am very fortunate.  VERY fortunate!

I just wish that the decision was clear cut, making it a fast process, but it's not.  I am very happy with the way the timing has worked out.  Not only did the two days present their respective verbal offers on the same day but my potential start date will fall right around our planned move up date.  I love it when a plan comes together!

My first point of concern is the location.  One is in D.C. and the other in Herndon.  Given that I want to live in the Reston/Herndon area it makes sense that I would prefer the one in Herndon.  Both are on par with pay so I can ignore that aspect.  There is the possibility that the one in D.C. could have me moved to Chantilly which would be nice.  If they were to say that would happen relatively quickly then I would have to consider something else to make the decision.  Then I guess it would come down to which is worse for me: a crappy schedule (possibly) or being on-call 24/7?

Surprisingly in all of this my gut has actually been in touch a couple of times, but it keeps waffling on which one to go with so not much help there.  I really just want to be sure about my decision so I don't have the chance to regret it later on.  Wednesday is the cut off for the decision (self imposed).  I would like to make the decision later today and get it out of the way.  We'll see what happens.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I know you all might be a little tired of reading about poor me and my job picking troubles so I'm going to jump to another topic for now: my websites.

Some of you may know that I run a couple of websites in my spare time. is my main one where I review iPhone apps (hopefully soon to expand to iPad apps).  I used to have which was a forum about apps and the phones they were one (any phone, not just Apple products).

When a little while ago I partnered up with a guy in TX; did away with in favor of his cooler  This hasn't worked out as well as we had hoped because our available extra time has shifted.  Oh and during this time we brought up an ad server, and a corp website.

Now I am backing away from the connection to and I have brought back

You know if you're still reading this, I'm impressed.  This has to be the most blah entry I've written yet.  It's just all information, no life, no energy....

I'm going to try this again, be right back.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What a day!?

So I start my day with about 3-4 hours of sleep!  Should have fought harder to stay in bed, in retrospect.  They I wasn't thinking ahead and was only really drinking diet sodas and not nearly enough water for what was to come.  8:30am rolled around and I was off to pick up the U-Haul trailer.  After some corporate website issues I was able to get the trailer and get back to the house.  I think it must have already be in the 80s with high humidity when I started loading the trailer.  I was working very well for about 1.5 hours until my body decided to shut down.  Not only had I not sleep, not drink enough water and drank too much caffeine but I had neglected to eat any breakfast!  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  So I ate, drank some water and laid down for a bit.  After a brief 45 minute nap I was back at it and only lasted 45 minutes before feeling like crap again.

You get the idea of this cycle.  So my 1:30pm phone interview rolls around and went well.  Well enough that the manager wanted to do the technical interview later on around 3pm.  So I agreed as this is also via the phone.  (Do more packing and loading of the trailer)  3pm rolls around and I think I did pretty good on the interview......(turns out I did well - a little birdie told me to expect a written offer)!  So now I shower and get ready to leave.

I feel like I'm forgetting something....oh right.  All the while my lovely wife is communicating with our property manager about selecting our tenants.  Oh and I forgot to mention that in the middle of loading the trailer some random couple stops by (without an agent) and asks to see the house. we showed them the place and they might be in the running.  I won't really go into all of the details of the flip-flopping that has happened with the possible tenants.  Fortunately there is one constant couple and we think that is who we are going to go with.

So I drive 6 hours up to VA (burned an entire tank of gas - normally it's only 3/4 of a tank) and now I can't fall asleep.  Oh joy.  Have to be up and moving by 6.....ready to be out the door by 7 to get to the metro station and commute with the other robots into D.C. for this interview.

Enough babbling for now....must sleep.

These times

There are some times where I enjoy this time alone in the middle of the night.  Being awake at this time of day is somehow therapy.  It allows you get a fresh perspective on things without all of the day time distractions.  You can focus.

Then there are the other times where it's just pure hell.  There is nothing to do and even less to do to pass the time.  Unless you know people in other time zones (outside the US) it can be a lonely place on the Inter-tron late at night.

It's funny that I see myself typing something like that because there was a time when night was the time that everything came alive.  Be it out clubbing when the doors would open to a magical world of lights and sounds or meeting up at a friend's place for late night shenanigans.  There was an electricity to it all.  It certain feeling that was, well, energizing.

It's just funny how things seem to change slowly yet you only notice them once they have completely changed, thus appearing to have quickly changed.  I would say getting old sucks but the pay is a lot nicer! ;-)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

I'm taking a break from packing to update you all on what has transpired over the past.....well day.  I got the call from about the face to face interview (should be Thursday or Friday).  So that puts in the lead right now in the race to get Mat!  HA!  Like I'm that important, anyway.  Next up is Abovenet and they are quickly closing in with a phone interview tomorrow.  If all goes well I should have a technical interview, again via the phone, on Thursday or Friday.

So why the packing you might ask?  Well I pick up a U-Haul trailer tomorrow morning.  I'll be packing most of the morning and departing for VA as soon as possible.  Probably pulling over somewhere for the phone interview!  Upon arriving in VA I have to unload the trailer.  Well actually I can spread that out over  a day or two if I want but I still have to unload it.  I'll be staying in the area until I feel like coming home. HA!  Probably Thursday or Friday depending on the various interviews.

Busy, busy, busy.  Alright back to it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I forgot to tell you all:

All (currently) 8 of you.  I didn't come back and tell you what happened that fateful Friday with my interview.

Basically, I ROCKED IT!  Will be getting a call to setup a face to face interview!  The whole call took about 15 minutes.  Wasn't the big, bad interview I thought it was going to be, but I did manage to stay on topic and point out all the right stuff.  So I just have to do well at the next one and I think that's it.

In my celebration posting on Facebook another friend/ex-coworker approached me about another position with a different company!  Turns out she's the manager of this group and they have an opening they are trying to fill right now.  She thinks I would be a perfect fit.  AWESOME!  So what was once a sole prospect has morphed into two.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wow....just wow.

I feel as though I should apologize for the last post.  What a giant waste of time that must have been to read.  Absolutely no content of value.  Well I'll at some meat to this one.

Here I sit 40 minutes from my phone interview.  First interview in 3+ years, for a job that I really, really want.  I'm not saying that I'm putting all eggs in one basket but right now this is the only basket I'm pursuing.  I have to say that I think the coolest part is my inside contact (friend) is fully confident that I'll get the position.  Not only that, but he and I come from the same work lineage for the most part.  I have spoken with a wise neighbor about how to work to sell myself during the interview.  Also how to handle myself on some of those annoying questions.

I think I'm going to do fine.  NO! I KNOW I'm going to do fine.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why do you taunt me?

This obnoxious blinking cursor.  It's staring at me taunting me to write something.  Here I sit, unable to sleep for the second night, hoping that I'll get tired at any moment.  What more to say?  What more to write, I'm not really saying anything.

What the hell am I listening too? "Strange Music Box" by Tech N9ne

*clicks forward* ahh...some Tool. Better.

Don't get me wrong I like Tech N9ne after all it wouldn't be in the Pandora rotation if I didn't!  It's just not what I wanted to hear right now.

...........and apparently I have run out of nothing to talk about.  Excellent.  Off to scour the Internet.

Grrrr....and it's not for GREAT!

So my phone interview got postponed.  A common place incident but it has really pissed me off.  Maybe it's just the lack of sleep talking right now but I was really ready for this interview and I was going to knock it out of the park.  I know I still have the chance to and will probably do it but I wanted it to happen today damn it.  Gimme, gimme, GIMME!!! NOW NOW NOW!

Pssssssssbbbbrrrrttttttt.....Take that universe for making me wait.  How dare you!?  *sigh*

Unfortunately I don't have anything set in concrete yet for tomorrow so I don't even know when tomorrow.  Very frustrating, mainly because I know that I shouldn't really be this up set about it.  I wish I wasn't so tired so I could work out and work off some of this anger.

Can you still see me?

Hahaha....alright I've only lost 8lbs so far so I'm not going to disappear or anything, but I really think I'm starting to see a difference.  At least in my belly.  I have to say I definitely happy with the fact that I'm this close to the 10lbs mark already.  I just hope the weight loss doesn't grind to a halt soon.  I understand that at some point it is going to slow, I'm just hoping that it's not a drastic slow down.  right now I'm on course for 5lbs/week which I know is a bit high.  I would be happy with 2lbs/week as a normal loss.

Alright enough of that, on to my really cool news.  I spoke with the recruiter for today.  I've got a kick-ass friend that works there and he has been working hard to get me in there.  So, today the recruiter for the company finally called me and he likes what he sees on my résumé and has setup a phone call tomorrow (wait what time is it...), rather, later today (@ 2pm) with 1 or 2 of the leads.  I think this will be a more formal interview.  At least that is what I'm expecting from the call.  If I pass this then they will have me come in (to the D.C. office) to meet with the team next week.  So, I'll be traveling up to VA at some point for this, of course!

I'm so giddy over this chance.  I really want this job.  Not just for the sake of having a job and not just for the pay.  It's really about a feeling that I have.  My inside man says the company really takes care of its employees and besides my gut is telling me this is the right fit for me.  When my gut tells me something it has a proven track record of being right.  Keep those fingers cross for me.  I'll try and let you all know what happens.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Forgot the fact that I have successfully started working on fairly heavily (pun intended) and I have managed to lose up to 5 lbs but it wasn't sustained.  Right now I'm about 3 lbs down after about a week.

High protein diet, 7 day workout schedule but I'm only working out 6 days a week so I just rotate the workout days accordingly.  I have 1 cheat meal a week where I disregard what and how much.  All other meals are strictly portion controlled.  I'm strictly monitoring my caloric intake as well as my workout regiment (thank you iPhone apps!).

See I told you there was more to come just didn't quite mean that soon.

Hello again

Hi there.  Welcome back.  Been a while.  How have you been?  Oh really, that's great to hear.

Alright enough of the pleasantries.

I need to figure out if I'm going to keep this blog around or not.  I'm seriously slacking on updating it and so much has been happening lately.  Moving back to Northern VA, starting school on July 13th, might have found the perfect place to work (just need to actually land the job...but I got an inside line).  We have a house that's not selling.  Going to live with the parents for a while, but if I get the job we'll be able to afford an apartment, no pressure.  There I think that covers most of the major stuff.

Now what should I do about this blog....I'm going to have to think about it.  It has served a purpose and still could.

Alright off to do stuff.  More to come.......hopefully not in another 2 months.