Monday, April 12, 2010

Time for big changes

Well I have been successful thus far with the little changes I've made in my life with one glaring exception. Working out/dieting.

What to do???

Well in other aspects of my life if I run up against a problem that seems to big or difficult to solve, what do I do?  Well considering that multiple attempts have failed, it's time to step back and re-evaluate the situation.

What does that really mean?

I recently did a little soul searching (been doing that a lot lately it seems) and noticed something.  In the past I have been most successful getting into shape when I hit the weights hard (w/ cardio).  As for the diet, that comes with it.  It has too!  When you are serious about weight lifting you have to feed your body correctly otherwise you're just wasting time.  Need higher protein and be careful about what else you're shoving in.  I don't know, or care why these two have such a strong bond for me.  I'm not really going to question it because it works and it's smart.  What I don't understand is why I don't do this with normally.  Oh well!

Alright so I think you can see where I going with this.  I have starting hitting the weights again with a mix of cardio.  For at least the first month I'm not going to over worry about protein and other supplements.  Although I have been adding some rice protein into a post workout mixed berry smoothy I've been making.  Yummy!  Now for the diet part...I have download (wait for it) an app to help me track my caloric intake.  This app is actually rather detailed and accounts for what you burn off due to working out.  Even go so far as to increase the total amount of the calories you need in a day if you work out!  So I feel that I'm going to have some pretty good guidelines for eating.  Well, rather, I'll know how bad something is when I eat it and should be able to steer myself into eating better.  Like for example I've started to eat more fruit because I know that it's better calories to take in.

I know there are a million ways and ideas of what is the right way to get in shape.  Everyone has heard/seen something different.  I'm just going for what works for me.

Oh almost forget the incentive program I have set up with the wife for when I start to lose interest.  I get a dollar for every day that I work out.  I know it's not much but I should be working out for me, not for another reason.  It's just to help put some money in pocket even though I'm unemployed.