Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm baaaack

Okay I didn't really go any where, but it's been a hella long time since I posted.  Almost two months.  What happened?  The holidays, trouble on the home front, trouble on the biz front.  Wow that really makes it sound bad.  I guess I should elaborate but I really only want to talk about the biz section.  Mainly because the holidays are what they are, and the home front stuff I'm going to keep hush hush....BUT....things have all been worked out.

The biz was suppose to be gaining momentum with the addition of a new person that was to bring a lot to the team, both with doing reviews and assisting and a multitude of other ways.  I'll shorten this up by saying after much trouble and effort on my part I was never able to get anything out of that person beyond a single review.  In their defense they were having trouble with an overload of work, but that's all been resolved now and I'm still not getting anything from that person.  On top of that I lost an editor.  So, now it's back to just me the wife pulling all the strings.  To compound matters I have added another site, a forum, but hopefully that'll just run itself.

This year I'm planning to make this biz into a biz that actually makes money.  I'm going to be adding some other arms that should produce some cash flow.  Although some doubts have been raised by others, so we'll see what happens.