Friday, December 4, 2009

Step 147

All right so I'm off of alcohol and soda now.  What's next?  Diet.  I'm not talking about "going on one" but rather changing the way I eat.  ???  What's the diff?  You might ask.  Easy!  "Going ON a diet" implies that you'll come OFF of it at some point.  Where as changing the way I eat is a change with no implication of an end.

Okay so I'm changing the way I eat.  How?  In what ways?  That is partially the purpose of this entry.  I'm going to define it.  I need specific yet not over bearing guidelines.  I'm also trying to keep the number down.  Easier to remember that way.

1. No eating fast food (exception: 5 guys - no more than once a month)
2. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (I often don't eat breakfast)
3. Eat vegetables and/or fruits at least 3 times a week (to start with)
4. Drink more plain water (I just don't think I'm getting enough)
5. TBD

There I think that about covers it.  I think these will be easy enough to follow.  All this in an effort to get to working out, which might just be the next step.