Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's up?

Well, personal blog, it has been a little while since we talked and I figure that I should stop spending all of my time with that other blog.

So what's new?  Well not much same old stuff, adjusting to some new levels in one of my medicines.  It would seem I have seasonal depression.  Apparently I, according to my doc, I went through this last year around the same time.  I'll have to trust her because I don't remember back that far with that kind of accuracy.  Of course if I had notes like she does the story might be different.

Alright there is just no getting around it, my new biz is taking up all of my time.  The wife is growing concerned that I'm going to burn out.  I'm not.  Why?  Because I have been waiting for a decade or more for this type of thing to come my way.  I have the idea now.  I have the ability.  It's just a matter of making it happen.  To that end I will stop at nothing.

For those of you that haven't been to etch-reviews.com yet or don't care to let me explain what it is.  I have created a site, a blog or sorts, where I review iPhone Apps.  I then publish these reviews on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, LinkedIn, and a couple of other places.  I'm leveraging all of the people that follow me on those various places (mainly Twitter) to get more traffic to the site.  I have ads on the site that should start to generate revenue at some point once I have enough traffic.  At the following grows I make more money off the advertising.  Then I have a secret that should let me take another large step a head to making more money.  Can't reveal that right now as this blog is pushed out to the web too.  Can't give away all of my tricks.

Health updates:  Still sober!  Now drinking only diet sodas during the week, soon to be on the weekend too once the regular soda runs out.  Starting to drink more water.  Wife has been be cooking more dinners so I'm getting some real food for dinner.  Trying not to eat out during the week too.  Things are going well right now.

Next step: cut out diet soda.  Leaving the only caffeine daily would be my 1-2 cups of coffee.  Thankfully I simply can not stand more than that.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The good and the bad.

Okay here's the situation, my parents went away on a weeks vacation and they keys to the brand new porche.  Would they mind, mmm, well, of course not.

Sorry about the DJ Jazzy Jeff reference but I had to get it out of my head some how.  Alright so I have once again only worked out once.  Falling short of the three times as set by the goal.  Second week in a row now.  So I had to take a step back and see what the deal is, because I'm enjoying the workouts that I do and they are non-intrusive time-wise.  The cause became quite clear.  Right now, accidentally, I'm trying to do too many things at once.  I was thinking that the only thing I was trying to change right now was the working out, but this past week I had to study for a class that started last night.  AND most importantly I started a business of sorts.  Exciting stuff!  Also very time consuming stuff.  It just left me without the desire or enough free time to get to working out.  I know that sounds like a cop-out but I must remember that these changes are suppose to flow easily into my lift.  Doesn't mean they are going to be easy to keep going just easy to start.

So what does all this mean.  That I'm moving on to something simpler.  I'm going to cut down on the non-diet soda that I drink (and work out when I can!).  I already have a little stock pile of diet soda at work and at home.  Unfortunately I still have a bit of the regular stuff at home too.  So I'm going to only drink the regular stuff on the weekends.  Diet all work week.  Once all the regular stuff is gone then, obviously, all diet - all the time.

After that hopefully I'll start on eat better.  (actually I think this is going to happen on it's own a little bit because the wife is working to plan out our dinners a bit more)  But that won't officially go into affect until later.  Speaking of, the soda thing doesn't technically start until the end of next week.  Why?  Because I want to keep on the every one month thing.  Helps to keep track of how long since I started doing any of the things on my list (like stop drinking - e.g. 6 weeks this past Sunday).